Strategic Growth Partners

We take solar installation companies from $100,000 per month per salesperson to over $300,000 in just 90 days using our AI lead to booking system.


We remove the guesswork

Sales aren’t a mystery, as long as each of your trained sales staff takes the meetings they need to every month you will exceed your sales goals.
We manage the finding and nurturing of qualified homeowners to get them ready to make a purchase and then connect them with your sales team to close the deal.


Qualified appointments for your team


More time closing, less time prospecting


What we offer

Pay for performance

Pay our one-time setup fee and then only when we get you results

All Platforms Covered

We will build and manage ads for you across all platforms to bring you the results you want

No Chasing Leads

We handle all of the leads from the time they fill out the form until we have gotten a review and referral

Sales Team Training

We have daily training calls with your sales teams to go over problems, scripts, and improve their results

Are You Ready to Take Your Sales to the Next Level?

We only add 10 new clients every month, schedule a time to talk with our team at the link below.


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111 W Lewis St
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